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The Three Elephants

The Animals' Beauty Contest

Barkwell Falls In Love

Cow With a Strange Moo

Mini-Witch Answers Ad

Mini-Witch Gets Lost

Mini-Witch Wants a Horse

Mini-Witch at the Circus

Mini-Witch Meets Santa

Mini-Witch Sees a Psychiatrist

Mini-Witch in Rome

Mini-Witch Makes a Hit

Goodbye Mr. Murphy

Mersina's Revenge

Mersina Loses Her Horse

New Doctor in Town

Barkwell Finds a Way

Barkwell Falls In Love

Barkwell Wanders

Secret Agent Barkwell

Barkwell In The Movies

Marvin the Marvelous Mouse

Win a Fairy Godmother

A Most Unusual Cat

Rick Rogers Meets a Wizard

Rick Rogers Strikes Oil

Rick Rogers Saves The Horse

Thanks To Rick Rogers

The Bumbling Professor

Professor Bumbly's
Instant Suntan

Professor Bumbly's Gold Bug

Marvin Mouse Goes To College

The Friendly Flame

A Job For Freddy

The Friendly Flame's Christmas

Statue in the Square

The Wingless Angel

Wingless Angel's Christmas

Chester Takes a Trip

Brownie in the Kitchen

Giant and the Beanstalk

More Giant Adventures

The Case of the Missing Money

The Case of the Missing Koala

Adventures of a Grepple

The Lonely Town

The Magic Notebook

The Magic Racing Car

The Bashful Octopus

In the Jaws of Danger

A New Pair of Antlers

Runaway Cow

The Rabbits' Birthday Party

The Easter Pika

The Magic Rock

In Search of a Light

Drone's Lib

Catfish Takes a Walk

Coley Bacterium Finds a Home

The River Children

The Boy Who Took Pictures

The Magic Stocking

The Magic Seeds

Stock Market Cricket

The Cat Who Never Cried

Catch a Falling Star

Bluey Come Home

Mysterious Catfood

Double Ghost

The Haunted Classroom

Henny Wants Some Chicks

The Hill

What Do You Do
With a Dinosaur?

Deer Without Christmas

The Little Skunk Who
Wanted To Be Loved

Let Them Be Free

Mr. Popps and the Robber

The Tree

The Young Dressmaker

The Web and the Kingdom

The Strange Tunnel

Nighttime Teddy Bear

Lost in Turkeyland

The TV Set Mystery

1001 Pretzels

Halloween on the Moon

No Gas Today